React Mini Project


A self-study ReactJS project that implements a kanboard (trello) board.





The course book used to construct this app is called SurviveJS, by Peter Kalivkinky. A Javascript vet takes you through React and shows his method on how to build a kanban app. View Project

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A kanboard board allows you to create notes for yourself, or others, and then give you the functionality to categorize those notes. Categories are known as lanes and you’re able to pick up notes and drop them into different lanes.


Learn the fundamentals of React. I’m not a fan of coding exercises that ask you to write simple functions (recursive, get a number squared, return a string/array with something modified). I’ve noticed that I’ve always learned quickest when coding a program with purpose.


The store used for this react implementation.


the original implementation used primarily local storage as the database to hold notes and lanes. Switched it over to a combination of an online DB and local storage.




As my first react project, the new jargon and vocabulary proved to be the most challenging aspect. But once that clicks, then it's all blue skies from there.


React components can be thought of as html partial blocks. The entire app is built using your components.

Drag and Drop

React Drag and Drop plugin used. Used to be able to drag notes across lanes.


Lanes are held in an array. And each individual lane holds an array of notes. The notes are tracked by their unique ID.


Notes have an input field that can be adjusted and have a little "priority" dot that can be toggled from: green, yellow, and red. Notes are objects that have a unique ID.

Global Store

Global state containers are my favorite tools to use with React. "Alt" is used in this project. A truly very powerful mechanism that allows you to save variables, properties, data, whatever you want to call it, into a single object accessible throughout the app. This makes it extremely maintanable and easily modifiable.


Took advantage of Firebases’s real time database. Took this approach because I was bit worried of using my own database and opening it up to everyone. With Firebase I don’t worry about the security of simultaneous connections.




I stumbled upon a Trello redesign project on Behance that was very beautiful. Well I thought this might be a small opportunity to bring their design to life (at least in a minimal way). But of course I'm'missing a lot of the Trello functionality so it just isn't as complete as the design. But... that'll do pig, that'll do.


Trello Atlassian - Redesign - Netguru Team, Michal Parulski, Serge Soskowiec, Anna Klawikowska

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