Personal WebDev Experiment


Establishing a personal brand and developing a personal site that would combine the skills I’ve learned into a balanced story of development and my style.





Give visitors an experience of mystery with a bit of a dark charm. With this project i wanted to walk the tightrope between design and purpose/functionality.

  • Client


  • Role

    Design and development

  • Technology

    Laravel, WebGL, Javascript


The challenge of this project was to combine different skills that I've learned into a seamless and balanced web portfolio without going over the top and without throwing everything into a blender and having some strange frankenstein project pop out.


I really wanted the design to represent my personality and style. Visually expressing some mystery, and a bit of dark charm.


A must have I needed to incorporate into the portfolio. WebGL has been one of my favorite web technologies, and I absolutely needed to integrate an 'art' piece that uses this tech.


Because this was undoubtedly my biggest and most challenging project, I needed to go through a sketching, wireframing, mockup process in order to breakdown the project into a more manageable project.




start on paper, work on sketches and doodles. To really set a strong foundation so that it may be easier in the future to maintain, update, and evolve the site. To pull off the most challenging project for myself, I had to break it down into bite sized chunks as much as possible in order to make it manageable.

There's magic in putting pencil to paper. And having all my ideas and schedule written down helped enormously. It's also a great way to keep the project constantly on mind and move from page to page without losing sight of the end goals.




The sweet mix of combining dark tech and synthwave. I have no idea what the style is called but I know its something in the cross-section of darkness, neon, mystery, tech and beauty. I should create a phrase that could best describe it... a neo-tokyolithic..dark neon uhh nevermind.

The style is really an algamation of the things I’ve been exposed to over the years. My experiences and perceptions mixed together. I know I wanted to have a primary serif font because I’ve grown quite tired of seeing sans-serif always mixed into technology and modern aesthetics. My choice, Hoefler, I like to think brings in a classy elegance and spicyness into the mix.




Built on the laravel framework (really just to grab some experience). The 3rd php framework I’m picking up after symfony and zend. At some point the MVC pattern becomes very clear and I've come to the realization that it’s all the same. Whowouldathunkit.


Utilizing the tween library to create the timed and smooth intro. Tween’s are functions that create smooth transitions between two parameters. The intro was inspired by the 3d render artist Bruno Quintelo. He created a beautiful piece that sets the tone and emotion right up front. I wanted to replicate that.

easter egg

I hope you found slide 6 on the homepage. I saw this amazing css animation on another site and I wanted to incorporate something similar into my site. I wanted to diffuse the seriousness of the site with something fun and random.

special thanks

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