Web Design Exploration


An exercise in mimicking one of my favorite sites to discover all the fine details that make it so appealing.





This project was a mimic of the site mindcastle.tv. I was curious as why and how some sites could pull off a professional tone while there were others that couldn’t. This project was done to explore the dichotomy of amateur vs professional.

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    Creative Explorer

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    WordPress, Javascript


In school I remember replicating artwork like Van Gogh’s "Starry Night" or Edvard Munch's "The Scream". Through the process I gained a lot of knowledge of different art elements. So I figured, if it worked with artwork why not a website? I chose a website that I highly respect and admire with the goal of learning/discovering all that I could.


I never realized a web page can be used as a storyboard. I used to use images to create a world, or an atmosphere. But, the right images stringed together can instead create story that can take a user on a narrative journey.


Photo’s needed to consistently be in a certain setting and mood. All photos were taken from unsplash and Adobe stock.


I had to color correct each individiual image not only to set the mood but so each image was also tied to each other and appeared that they came from the same movie/video and location.




My approach was to use cinematic photos and color correct each image so that they all appeared that they came from the same studio. They would also have to share a similar style and tone. Basically, color correct each image and stick to a focal point. The focal point being travelers in the mountains, the forest, the wild.




Create a sense of adventure - that stretches out into the wilderness. Add just a splash of "hipster".. yeah you know what I mean. The duo should be thought of a crew that explores where most would not dare venture to.

This should not be some ordinary film production crew. We want to visually tell that this crew is able to venture off into far off unknown lands, deep in the heart of wilderness. This duo is for those that seek footage of adventure and wanderlust in remote regions of the earth.

You may have noticed the font... I borrowed the branding and font from Patagonia. It was a simple way to imbue the logo with the wild outdoors.


Mini Project

The Reward

My favorite page I've worked on. Follow a film crew and travelers on their adventure through foresty mountains. Again, manipulating and piecing together the right images from stock photography in order to create a story.

The title "The Reward" comes from a fantasy animation I love. I thought it would be appropriate for a similar adventure story I was trying to convey.


Mini Project


You know those fashion commercials that don’t make any sense but are crafted very beautifully? I love the strangeness of them. The attempt here was to give the impression that this was a type of photoshoot video, perfume or fashion shoot.

Luckily Adobe Stock has this quality of photographs. I definitely concede that the right photography can be powerful enough to tell a story with very little copy at all.


Taking lessons from this study, color corrected the images so that they flow together.

special thanks

  • Inspiration

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