UI Design Studies

UI Grams

Take a UI/Web design and then remake it using a different subject matter for design practice and learning.





Design practice using my favorite designs I find in order to gain new perspective on why I gravitate towards some designs and not others.

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    UI Design

What makes a design good? appealing? What makes a design look complete? What makes it difficult? challenging? So many questions that I need answered. And they keep on comin'.


My goal is to create 100 of these small designs. Designs that range in different subject matters: hero banners, dashboards, app designs, designs that really catch my interest.

Hero Banner

You can never can go wrong with great type design or beautiful photography in this category.


I find analytics dashboard's much harder to execute. They are not as appealing as large photography, but I enjoy the complexity and difficulty of it.


These mini-designs are are solely made for the medium of Instagram. It alters the nature of the design knowing I'm constrained to a small viewport.


The idea is to execute these as quickly as possible. My goal being able to execute them in a day's time.



Love Hate

I think some of the designs are garbage relative to others, but I try not to get caught up in worrying about the perfection of them. For this exercise, quantity > quality. These have worked great for my mental fortitude in some strange way that I wasn’t expecting. I was able to “let go” of feeling so vulnerable when showing work and being open to all the good and the bad. Specifically the bad, which I was afraid of before.

I find working on these designs very meditative and relaxing, especially after a stretch of programming.

There’s an added layer of thought when creating these. What works in the IG frame doesn't necessarily mean it will work on a site. How will the color show? the texture? is it clearly viewable? And how will they show in the grid view next to the other uploads?

special thanks

  • Inspiration

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